Laetus UP Suite – modular solution for reliable processes

Laetus, September 2019. With the Laetus UP Suite, Laetus is now launching a new, extended version of its tried-and-tested software platform onto the market for efficient production processes, transparent delivery chains, product quality and integrity as well as customer loyalty.

Manufacturers are faced with the daily challenge of optimising their production planning to ensure that the right product is delivered to the right place at the right time and in the right quantity. Short production cycles and infinite product variations often complicate matters further and produce a wide range of different data. The Laetus UP Suite generates and further processes these large volumes of data and thereby simplifies data handling. A large number of modules can be combined simply to create solutions that are tailored exactly to the user’s needs. This flexible use of the system saves time and costs, for example in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industry.

The foundation is the UP Core module, which contains all basic tools for setting up and managing the production process, for example user management. These basic functions can be extended with various modules for production control, supply chain management, quality assurance, brand protection and customer loyalty, depending on requirements. The UP Multidevice module, for example, enables the flexible connection and management of components such as cameras and printers from the most diverse range of manufacturers along the production line. By adding the UP VI module, a range of optical inspections and applications for product quality assurance can be integrated into the production process. UP Exchange is used for the secure exchange of production data with higher-level ERP/MES systems.

The Laetus UP Suite supports production with a large selection of standardised modules for needs-based and fast adaptation of processes and can be extended with any number of new modules if requirements change or increase. A complete overview of the modules in the Laetus UP Suite can be found at

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About Laetus

Founded in 1974, Laetus is an industry leader in inline quality inspection systems with thousands of successful installations of its renowned ARGUS, POLYPHEM, and INSPECT solutions across identification, fill inspection, and other quality control applications.  With its Secure Track and Trace Solution (S-TTS), Laetus is also a leader in developing robust supply chain solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Cosmetics and FMCG industries enabling the requirements of all regulations regarding anti-counterfeiting to be fulfilled. Laetus partners with its customers to address their unique serialization and traceability requirements. Laetus has sold more than 18,000 systems across the globe including more than 42,000 Laetus cameras and sensors. Headquartered in Alsbach-Hähnlein, Germany, Laetus has significant scale to address the needs of customers worldwide with some 250 employees and direct sales and engineering operations in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, the US, China,  South America, and Mexico. In addition, Laetus has an extensive network of valued channel partners that extend Laetus’ technical expertise in another 40 countries. In December 2015 Laetus has been acquired by Danaher. It operates as an independent business within the Product Identification Platform. For more information please visit:



Laetus, Alsbach-Hähnlein

Die Laetus GmbH ist weltweiter Branchenführer in der Inline-Qualitäts­kontrolle sowie zuverlässiger, modu­larer Serialisierungs- und Track & Trace Lösungen für sichere Verpackungs­prozesse und Lieferketten in der Pharmazeutischen-, Medizintechnik-, Kosmetik- und FMCG Industrie. Das Unternehmen mit Sitz in Alsbach Hähnlein und Bensheim ist Teil der Danaher Gruppe.