Fast and economical waterjet cutting at 6200 bar

KMT, September 2016. At the EuroBLECH 2016 in Hanover (25-29 Oct), KMT Waterjet Systems is presenting its latest development in the field of high-pressure pumps for waterjet cutting: with the new STREAMLINE PRO-III model series, the company makes waterjet cutting in the ultra-high-pressure range of up to 6200 bar a great deal more efficient. KMT has achieved this by significant improvements in the pressure intensifier – especially the new SUPRAlife high-pressure seal, for which the manufacturer specifies a guaranteed service life of 500 hours. With the 93 kW pump (125 hp) from the PRO-III model series, KMT can now offer an extremely efficient combination of motor power and water pressure, allowing the fastest cutting speeds in the industry.

With the STREAMLINE PRO-III model series, KMT Waterjet Systems offers the latest generation of its successful PRO pump range for waterjet cutting at up to 6200 bar. The new high-pressure pump allows significantly longer running times – thereby also extending the maintenance intervals, reducing operating costs and making waterjet cutting in the ultra high-pressure region more efficient.

The pump owes the improved running times in particular to the new SUPRAlife high-pressure seal: To extend the usage times and thus to increase the efficiency of the high-pressure pump, KMT has revised the design of the high-pressure seal. The result is a seal package that is no longer installed in the bore of the high-pressure cylinder as it was previously, but is integrated into a cartridge, which seals against a chamfer at the end of the cylinder. Thus, damage to the cylinder bore is avoided and the service life of the high-pressure seal and the cylinder body is increased. When treated properly, KMT Waterjet Systems guarantees a minimum running time of 500 hours for the new SUPRAlife high-pressure seal.

Simple retrofitting of older pump models

KMT offers an upgrade kit for all customers who already work in the ultra high-pressure area and operate a KMT high-pressure pump of the STREAMLINE PRO-I or PRO-2 model series. This means that existing customers can also benefit from the advantages of the PRO-III pressure intensifier.

Efficient waterjet cutting at 6,200 bar

Waterjet cutting at 6200 bar is efficient with the STREAMLINE PRO-III high-pressure pump: the longer running times of the high-pressure components have a positive effect on the machine running time and thus on the entire production process. In addition, the model STREAMLINE PRO-III 125 provides a combination of motor power and cutting pressure unrivalled in the industry. At 93 kW / 125 hp, two cutting nozzles with a diameter of 0.28 mm or one nozzle of up to 0.38 mm can be used at maximum pressure. The cutting speed can therefore be increased by up to 50% compared to conventional 4100 bar applications.


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